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Knee Scooters are helpful for the following conditions:

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Rent or Buy a Knee Walker or Knee Scooter to stay mobile during rehabilitation. Designed with the active lifestyle user in mind, the Spry Knee Walkers give you the wheels you need to scoot though life. Introducing an improved lightweight frame, capable of supporting up to 350 lbs.

Innovations In Mobility offers a range of Knee Scooters, Knee Walkers, and Rollators to aid your mobility during rehabilitation. Choose from a selection of colors, and add accessories as you find appropriate.

Injured Foot or Ankle Hammer Toe
Foot or Ankle Surgery Amputations
Achilles Tendon Rupture Bunionectomy
Complications from Arthritis Joint Disease Ulcers
Neuromuscular Complications Diabetes with Charcot


Traditionally, doctors have recommended walkers, crutches or wheelchairs when a patient is required to off-load a foot or leg. Unfortunately, crutches exhibit a number of requirements and restrictions, Crutches require a patient to maintain their balance, Crutches require that a patient hold up the weight of their injured leg, Crutches require a patient to keep their leg in a bent position, Crutches require a patient to constantly shift their weight back and forth to move forward, Crutches can be difficult to maneuver on uneven or unstable terrain, (e.g. stairs, gravel). Sore or bruised body tissue, sprained and sore wrists, and the propensity for falling, also typically go hand-in-hand with the use of crutches.

Doctors have traditionally also prescribed walkers to patients. As with crutches, when using a walker a patient is still required to hold up the weight of their recovering or disabled leg. Instead of swinging their body weight, a patient typically hops forward when using a walker. This hopping can place extraordinary stress on the weight bearing foot, the circulatory system of the leg, the hips, and the back.

Contact us to learn more about our Knee Scooters and Knee Walkers, as they are very efficient, non-weight-bearing alternatives to Crutches.

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A Knee Scooter is a nice non-weight-bearing alternative to crutches, to aid your mobility during rehabilitation. InnovationsInMobility.com has Knee Scooter Rentals and Knee Scooter Sales at very competitive prices - with Free UPS Ground Shipping anywhere in the continental US! Our Knee Scooters and Rollators are built by Spry, the first choice among most referring orthopedics and wound care specialists for BK offloading. Maintain your active lifestyle with our Knee Walkers.