Buy A Used Knee Scooter and Save! June 28 2014

If you want to purchase a knee walker but don’t want to pay the price of a new one, consider buying one of our used rentals.

Innovations in Mobility likes to keep fresh inventory, so after only 5 – 6 rentals, the knee scooter is replaced with a new unit and the used rental knee scooter is listed on our ”Buy Used Rentals” web page. Pictures of the actual knee scooter are posted, so you can see the minor paint scratches and tire wear, no surprises. At the end of each rental, the knee walker is inspected, damaged or missing parts are replaced, components are adjusted and the knee scooter is cleaned and sanitized, ready for the next user.

We have a complete inventory of knee walker replacement parts, so if down the road something breaks or wears out, we can take care of you.

Happy Cruzing!