Knee Walkers and the rental companies that provide them are many, but not all provide the same quality and service. June 17 2014

A knee walker, also known as a knee scooter or a knee caddy, is an excellent alternative to crutches, a wheelchair or a walker.  Many people don’t realize that knee walkers are available and provide a very stable means to become more mobile following a foot/ankle injury or surgery.  Here are some things to look for when deciding what type of knee walker is best for you and where to find one.

First, knee walkers vary greatly in quality.  Over the past few years, several manufacturers have come to the market with their versions of a knee walker.  Things to consider when deciding which knee walker to choose are: stability, ease of use, braking ability, durability and aesthetics.  The Spry Knee Walker, used exclusively by Innovations in Mobility, meets all of these criteria which make it your best choice.

Second, there are several avenues to obtain a knee walker.  A knee walker is most commonly prescribed first by a doctor (Podiatrist or Orthopedic Surgeon).   Typically, the doctor will give the patient a brochure provided by a knee walker rental company.  Although Medicare doesn’t cover a knee walker, most private insurance companies offer plans that pay for some or all of the knee walker rental.  

I think you’ll find that offers an incredible knee walker that is very stable, stops well, is durable and looks awesome.  They offer low rental rates, no deposit and free shipping both directons.

Please let me know your thoughts.  If you have ever used a knee walker or are considering renting one, I would love to hear your comments, questions.